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Weather news


It can be allots of water next days :) Weather warning - high winds and rain expected Forecast for Tuesday and Wednesday

Tomorrow, Tuesday, a rather deep low is forecasted in the southwest and west of Iceland. Southeast winds, 10-18 m/s are expected in the southwest and west with wind gusts up to 35 m/s. Heavy rain is expected, with the greatest amounts in the South tomorrow afternoon and evening. On Wednesday the low is forecasted to move to the northeast over Iceland. Winds turn to northwest and west winds, 10-20 m/s, with the highest winds in the nortwest part. Precipitation will continue, with the highest accumulation in the nortwest and northern parts of the country.

Winds are expected to moderate on Thursday, but the precipitation is not expected to decrease in the north. Water levels are expected to rise over the next few days (see Hydrology). Travelers are encouraged to monitor the weather closely, both forecasts and observations, over the next few days. Updated forecasts for wind and precipitation are given but the text forecasts are most reliable.